Map Layer Information: RAWS Weather

This data set contains reported weather conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed, for various field locations. The data is updated once an hour, on the half-hour, and is maintained for the previous 24-hour time period.

Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS) are maintained by Federal and State agencies for the purpose of environmental monitoring. The National Weather Service, among other federal agencies, maintains a RAWS database, and monitors the weather data collected by this network.

The weather stations are particularly important for monitoring the weather influence on wildland fuels for fire danger calculation. . In addition, the RAWS provide a data source for fire weather forecasting in remote areas. The observations presented on the latest Boise Fire Weather web pages, are the latest data received at the National Interagency Fire Center.

Map Legend:

    RAWS Weather Map Legend


For more information, please visit National Fire Weather Page.